Daily Sketch, Comments & 7 new pictures

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There wasn’t much to do today – which did fit into my schedule since I was on the way the whole day: Yesterday we had to do an exercise called “take your pencil for a walk” and today we had to check out how the others did and comment on those works. There’s also the seven pictures a day task still running, but this isn’t a problem at all since it became a habit to take a picture every time I see something interesting. If you want, you can checkout the pictures I’ve uploaded so far on my flickr photo stream or in the sidebar of my blog.

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Take your pencil for a walk

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The next Explorative Design task is called “Take your pencil for a walk” – it’s both, funny and weird – at least after you look at the outcome. To give you a little introduction to “Take your pencil for a walk”: While listening to or watching some kind of story, you draw a line without looking on it and without lifting the pencil. You’re concentrating on the story and should try to react to changes.

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Collecting, Storing & Sharing

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Today’s chapter in the Sketching User Experiences book is about collecting and storing not only images but also real objects. Whereas it’s quite simple to store images by using digital libraries or cutting them out and collecting them in small boxes or sticking them into sketch books, real objects are another story. From a designer view I totally understand that it’s great to collect all kind of things that look interesting, inspiring or weird – to hold an object in your hands is always better than looking at a picture of it. But from the perspective of someone with a small flat and somewhat limited space, it’s not that easy – at least without renting a few storage rooms. :D

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