Take your pencil for a walk

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The next Explorative Design task is called “Take your pencil for a walk” – it’s both, funny and weird – at least after you look at the outcome. To give you a little introduction to “Take your pencil for a walk”: While listening to or watching some kind of story, you draw a line without looking on it and without lifting the pencil. You’re concentrating on the story and should try to react to changes.

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Photo Sampling – Capturing Trigger Moments

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The next chapter of the Sketching User Experiences book is about photo sampling. The idea of photo sampling is to capture objects that attract your attention. It doesn’t matter if it is something good or something bad, it could be inspiring or just awkward. Starting today, we’re taking pictures of things that draw our attention. I’ve added a flickr photo stream to the blogs sidebar and to this post where you can find those pictures.

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Practicing Scribble Sketch

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New day, new task: Now it is time to practice something called scribble sketch. Basically this is a sketch technique that doesn’t focus on details of the sketch but more on capturing the idea and/or most important aspects of something. Think about sitting in a bar, talking about something interesting and suddenly an awesome idea comes to your mind – you grab a napkin paper, the bill or any other kind of paper or thing you can write on and scribble it down: et voilà – a scribble sketch is born!

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