Today’s Explorative Design task is about sketching actions and emotions. To do so, we had to draw a 5 x 3 field in our sketch book and sketch an action or an emotion of a person into each field.

Sketching actions and emotions

As stated in the book Sketching User Experiences, drawing different emotions is actually quite simple. You don’t need many details because just by using different shapes of the eyebrows and the mouth, a lot of different emotions are possible. If you add some more details like eyeshapes, even more variations are possible.

I really liked this task, I even tried to add some kind of story line to the sketches, but see for yourself:

Sketching actions and emotions

How do you like it? :)

Daily upside down sketch

My third upside down sketch is the main character of the Anime One Piece called Monkey D. Luffy. Here’s the original: Luffy Sketch v1.


And by the way, there are 14 new pictures on my flickr photo stream. ;)