Today’s the last task of the current Explorative Design assignment and it’s about sketching new touch screen functions. Yesterday we had to think about how the interface of a touch screen could look like for devices like an oven or a washing machine. Now it’s time to think about adding completely new functions, that become possible by using a touch screen.

New touch screen functions for my oven

I stuck with my oven for this task and added two functions that I would really like: First of, a history, which lets me browse through previously used modes and settings. It’s nothing special, but by pressing on one of the entries, the used settings (mode, temperature, timer) could be set again in order to speed up the whole process.

New Touch Screen Functions

The second touch screen function would be a quick selection in the mode selection screen. After tapping on the mode button on the start screen the mode selection appears which lets me browser through all available modes (top heat, ventilator, and so on..) – which is the currently done by rotating the left knob. Really useful would be to add a preset or an quick selection section to this screen. The idea is to add and edit presets by setting mode, temperature and time. By pressing on a preset, the user returns to the start screen with all those settings set. Just press the start button and wait till your pizza’s ready. :D

Daily upside down sketch

This is also the last upside down sketch. This was really a nice assignment and it truly brought me back to drawing things, which I haven’t done for like a decade. :D

Well, the last sketch (for Explorative Design), is again an item from Yu-Gi-Oh! – it’s the Millennium Ring. Here’s the original: The Millenium Ring

Millennium Ring Sketch

What do you think? How did you like my sketches in general? :)