I haven’t had time last Friday to do the Explorative Design tasks, so today there will be two posts. First up is an assignment of sketching people in different styles on one page of the sketch book.

Sketching people

Sketching peopleAlthough I sketched a lot of different people, I’m somehow not so pleased with the result.. I think this is because I prefer a specific style and it feels weird sketching people in other styles. However, it’s non the less a good practice in terms of trying different approaches.

What do you think?

Daily upside down sketch

The second upside down sketch is due and I chose a chibi* version of the anime character Kakashi (Naruto). Here’s the original: Naruto – Chibi Kakashi

Chibi Kakashi Sketch

*To clarify: Chibi is an japanese term for a small person or a child. Chibi characters are therefore younger / cute versions of characters.