Today’s Explorative Design task is about sketching a touch screen interface based on “real” devices. That means we had to chose a device like oven, dishwasher or washing machine and think about how a touch screen could be used instead of buttons and knobs. From my viewpoint it’s quite an interesting and helpful assignment, because right now the overall development of technology is towards touch screens either by using touch screens on devices itself or by connecting devices to smartphones. Therefore interfaces for touch screens are very important.

A touch screen for my oven

I chose to sketch a touch screen based on the functionality of my oven. I’ve described it already as part of a previous assignment, but nonetheless a short overview of how it works: It has two knobs to adjust the mode and temperature, and four buttons, one to start, another one to set a timer and two more to increase and decrease the timer.

Here’s my suggestion for a touch screen interface, that covers the current functionality.

touch screen

Do you think this could work? Does it make sense? :)

Daily upside down sketch

Another day, another sketch. Today I sketched the video game character Sonic, again by turning the original upside down, which is by the way pretty simple when using a modern web browser that got some kind of developer tool console. Open the console, select the image and add the style property transform:rotate(180deg); to this element. Pretty neat, huh? ;)

Sonic Sketch

Here’s the original: sonic sketch