The next Explorative Design workshop is about typography. As an introduction to the typography topic we read The Basics of Typography, which is a really good warming-up article about typography. I can also recommend the Design and discovery TED Talk by David Carson – it’s both quite interesting and very amusing.

As a preparation for the workshop itself we have to find examples for typography, a good and a bad one.

My typography examples:

I’ve taken more photographs and I can’t really decide on the two examples for the workshop. However, here they are… ;)

Typography - Wr. Linien Ads

The first one is an old Wiener Linien advertisement. I can’t really decide if it’s a good or a bad example. On the one side it’s an interesting idea to use photos of known things (like parts of subway station names – although at least two of them are fake) and put something new together. On the other hand it’s a fail since the sizes of the characters are too different and, which is even worse, the two parts in the middle form one word. The “cut” between these parts is too extreme so it’s not intuitive to read the word “gleich”. Instead the “ich” part is always the first thing you read.

Typography #2

Not much to say about this one. It’s some kind of advertisement for an event in a club near to my place. Can you decipher it? ;)

Typography - Joseph Brot

This is an good example for typography. It’s a clean font which looks a bit rustic thanks to the striped shadows, which totally fits the message.

Typography - Xbox 360 Live shirt

The next one is also a good example for typography. It’s an old t-shirt of mine with the Xbox 360 Live Logo on it. I think it’s a good color combination and also the fonts are quite interesting. Check the B in Xbox for example. Or the sloped cut of the I and E in Live. Stylish!

Typography - Intuos 5 box

The last one is the case of my Intuos 5 graphic tablet. I like the logo, it’s simple, clean, the lowercase i with the red dot is “das i-Tüpferl” like we would say in german. :D

What do you think about my collection? :D

EDIT: Nearly forgot this one.. what do you think? ;)
Typography - Google Drive